Zhineng Qigong Hun Yuan Ling Tong Xin Shian Shi Chen

Zhineng Qigong Experience Sessions

At Amy Cooper's Flourish Studio

You can:

Pre-Register and pay the balance at the event : $20

(Pre-registering with a non-refundable deposit to guarantee your spot)


Pay in Full : $65


Harvest of Gratitude

Giving & Receiving with Qigong

Sunday November 11, 2012 1:00PM-5:00PM

Harvest Sun


 Organize a QiField for Balance

Adjust the Mind, Body & Feeling

Part 1: Basic Exercises | Massaging Form | Still Qigong

Part 2: Elements of Method 1 (LQUPQD)

Part 3:Healing Chants & Mudras

Flourish Studio | 2601 Mission Street #404
| San Francisco, CA 94110


Together with our friend Amy Copper, we welcome you to join us for an afternoon of community and healing with Zhineng Qigong. We will share new insights and methods for daily practice that have arisen out of our 7 years of continuous daily enjoyment.

Giving and receiving are aspects of Yang and Yin. When in true balance, we experience gratefulness, gratitude, and equanimity.
In Zhineng Qigong we work with opening and closing, expanding and contracting, giving and receiving. The aim is true balance, an even and smooth flow of qi throughout our being.
During this afternoon we will share our experience and cultivation of a qigong mind, true intention and an open heart - the three key elements to activate our life.

We offer you an exploration of how the simplest practices can yield the fastest and most fulfilling results: it's all a matter of connecting to a real wish within ourselves. 

There will be more emphasis on experiencing new sensations trough insightful movement, than on learning new theories or practices.

Previous experience practicing Zhineng / Wisdom Healing / Chilel Qigong is helpful though not required. Practitioners of Zen or martial arts will also find this workshop beneficial. Plan for extended periods of standing, less so of sitting and lying down. We recommend rest after the event in order to consolidate your experience. This event includes optional free-form, facilitated sharing of your experience as part of the various practice sessions.


Fedeqi Daniqi Maqi Triqi

Please pre-register online. Your deposit is non-refundable and guarantees you a spot in this limited-seating event. If you have any questions email Dani at dani@qifieldtherapy.com or Federico at qi@qifieldtherapy.com or simply call 858.405.9686 / 415.484.9895.

2601 Mission Street #404. San Francisco CA 94110

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